Who has the most .blend files on their hard drive?

Hey guys! Whose got the most .blend files?
Tell us your story of these huge collections!!!

mine consist mostly of collected gameblender files and demos for the game engine.

I have a small archive of my first modelling and animation ventures. :slight_smile:

what of you?


i’m performing a search of my 2 hard-drives, i’ll post an answer in a moment. :smiley:

ok…gotcha. its about 700-800 .blend files 8) !! they vary from animations, to modeling tests, to projects to gameblender files, to whatever else you can think of. the oldest one is from 16.08.'00, but that’s just on my harddrives, i have an archive of like 10 cds with old stuff on them… :smiley: :slight_smile:

409 .blend files, good for 554 MB.
This is only on 1 of the three peecees with .blends on.
So probably it’ll be about 750 files.

454 .blends in my Blender directory(s)… 400 unfinished :smiley: (/gets sheepish grin)

holy cow, you guys have a lot of little files!

I will usually condense all of my .blend files into one big one while working on a project, so that means that I only have about 10. My .blend files are usually 40MB in size, although I think one of them might be 80MB…

I have 612 .blend…that was before I reinstall all my comp…now (without the old file) I have 121 new .blend…sa that make 733 .blend…oufff but most of them are unfinished work… :-?

thats it guys?
your gunna love my reply…

1536 + 72 +42= 1650 .blends total…

WHEEEWWWWWWW. :slight_smile:
(Those 72 are in an ACE file though…42 in a seperate folder).

Hmm…mayhaps I can get rid of some older ones…my blenderstuff folder is 1.6 gigs… :smiley:

Man! thats alot.

I only have a measly 200 .blend files.

Oh well.

223 of original stuff (not for contests) by me alone.

Oh, and I’ve got some more .blends on other computers.

are u guys including your backup .blend1’s in with your exaggerated answers? :wink: i think some of u are :slight_smile:

i had a virus a lil while ago, in which about 400 blends(not backups) were deleted…but since then, about 200 blends… and the buck stops there 8)


Surely some are exagerrateing or counting anything with a .blend* extension.

I have 14 blender project files. Each of those may contain anywhere from 20 to 100 seperate files (.blend1, .blend2, .blend3, etc… etc… etc…). But then again some just download anything that ends with .blend and store it on their harddrive, whether they made it or not. So just asking how many blend files someone has is no relevance to skill or dedication. It could simply mean some is obsessed, or simply has nothing better to do.

I think a better question would be, how many blender projects do you have?

I had this HD crash, and most of the stuff was wiped away, because I dont much backup (no burner)… :frowning:

anyways, what I could gather, from different machine here at work, and some stuff on floppies and one ZIP disk, I got this:

263 .blends in ~64M

I lost most of my weekend-challenge blends and some other stuff… luckily I had put aside some of the wip game graphics I’m working on…

well. I will return! :slight_smile:


Crap… you guys are freaks. :o

146 (original) blends. 6 downloaded (i think…I cant remember).

I deleat all .blend1s on my PC. :slight_smile:

come to think of it…I didn’t include all the tutorial blends…oh well, there are probably only 20 or so of those.

I said I have about 750 files. These are also files I’ve downoaded etc…
I have about 150 files I’ve made myself.

Erm… I’m sorry… hehe I was amazed my self :o
I’ve got a whopping 2602 blend files… Damn… damn… damn… What do I do all day?

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Well for some reason my search thing in windows xp doesnt always work but i dont have hundreds i know.

oh my search works now… i have 121 .blend on my hard drive and too many on a cd i burned but i think i broke my cd burner and now the cd doesnt work when you put it in and most of my .blend files and textures are lost. But sometimes the cd works, so i dunno how many .blend files i have. Too many things on my computer r broken.
Its only about 10 months old too…