Who hates spyware?

Good. Now browse your posts with the same amount of analytical wisdom and proceed to the next level.

giving it another name will only increase your fear of it.

Windows users, beware of Internet Explorer. Like 90% of spyware on your pc, comoes from that browser. FIREFOX IS A NEED. :slight_smile: That fixes the where do I get spywarefrom answere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well also remember spyware comes with divx and another codecs, or free (not opensource) software like downloadaccelerator and much more. :<

Only if you download the Pro free version which is clearly labeled as Ad supported.


That should always the case. Imagine what would happen if someone snuck into a “real” office, whispered “burn the place down” to a secretary, and she immediately and obediently lit a match? That’s what a computer will do if you are logged on as an administrative user.

Simply: - Use the computer as an “ordinary joe” account except when you are explicitly doing software updates. Any program which tried to do global system changes while logged on as such a user … would crash and burn, no harm done. - Place backup copies of your work in separate directories and lock them so that even you can’t write to them unless and until you unlock them. - Even better is to set up a different user, with a “drop box” folder accessible to you in “write-only” mode, and dump a copy of your work-in-progress periodically into it.
Viruses, adware, and the like are all cat-burglars; strictly opportunists. They expect to find all the doors and windows unlocked; the system settings unprotected. For tens of thousands of computers worldwide that is the case. Make sure it’s not the case for you. It’s really that simple.

Modern computer OS’s (including Windows versions based on NT technology) do possess strong self-protection mechanisms! People just don’t use them! It truly becomes second-nature habit, with the slightest bit of practice … like absent-mindedly reaching in your pocket for the keys when approaching a filing cabinet.

In this business, where we spend hours each day perfecting a graphic (which is therefore a very expensive piece of intellectual property), you cannot afford to lose anything, let alone everything.

if you dont want to loose your artwork you should upload it onto a webserver (with or without security). it is a realy coincidence if your computer dies and the webserver blows up and the backups of the webservers are empty.

and just one thing:

Use Firefox

since i use it i never had anoying popups and do you want to install this and the heap of shit that comes with it? popups.

You know, having people tell me what software to use just makes me want to beat them in the face with metal objects. No, really. If anyone wanted to switch software, they would have done so already. I will never switch to linux, just because I’m afraid I’ll become one of those “think linux, windows sucks anyway” assholes.

P.S. I see that someone has removed the “so close” title. Good move.

oooh oooh oooh your a monkey now. the so close is a temporary thing (as satan at 666 posts.)

just try firefox. you eventualy will like it. things like a automatic popupblocker, a gmail notifier and a nice download function make up a lot. and its open source.

even if the guy don’t know about the software yet? then stay in you dark little hole. I for myself, I don’t care what you use. From what you say: i can’t recommand you do switch to something better than windows 95(exemple) just because “If anyone wanted to switch software, they would have done so already”.
See, your point here is weak.

I will never switch to linux, just because I’m afraid I’ll become one of those “think linux, windows sucks anyway” assholes.

Firefox run on windows.
almost all opensource i want to work on now start on windows…

We just back up our stuff onto another computer or a CD.

but what if your house catches fire. you may loose your computer and backups but at least you have it somewhere else. uploading is probably more save than backuping at a cd and keeping it next to your computer. there are some companies that went almost bankrupt because they kept their backups next to the server. server catches fire and backups burn with it.

but i type doom scenarios here.

I would be worrying about a bit more than my hard drive.

No, it’s still there, look at broken for a start (at least till he posts again ;))

Which one? S&D? Damn, I’m using that…

You guys worried about your “trusted” programs?

There’s a way to find out for sure if your software is “CLEAN”.
And by “CLEAN” I mean E.T doesn’t phone home.

But for that to happen you need to take over your windows,

There’s a program that you’ll love …but it takes a little
time-earned skill to find out how to spot the culprits.
It kind of works like the “Matrix” (No…I’m not kidding)
you’ll be able to watch code (packets) sent via your
network in REAL time (or) log them to a file. I prefer to
watch REAL TIME if I suspect foul play (eg. weird network
activity if you’re online and NOT surfing) etc.

Ok ok…enough already - show me this “prodigy” you’re
talking about:


It’s one of the worlds BEST network analyzers and yet it’s FREE!

So…what does this program do - and why do YOU care?

  1. It takes a peek into the packet-stream of communications
    IN and OUT of your computer. You can litterally READ along
    and see who’s phoning home AND whatever stuff that is beeing
    sendt from your computer to WHERE. It’s way better than any
    firewall because the firewall software doesn’t show you everything.
    But it doesn’t act as a firewall so it won’t protect you…but it WILL
    TELL where the SMELL comes from :slight_smile:
    With a little patience, trying the million functions (exaggerated) out
    for yourself…you’ll slowly learn why this program ROCKS the big house.

You can select what network-card in your machine you want to
monitor. Yes…you can even monitor wireless traffic if you have
such a card. It’s like the move “the matrix” in a way…I bet the
idea of “watching-code-realtime-and-dechiper-inside-your-head”
kind of gave the moviepeople an idea :slight_smile: And yes…basically
thats what you can do here.

Heck…you can even ask it to collect a bunch of information
from the same IP or TCP stream…and then watch it all in a nicely
clean file for your detective comforts. All free.

  1. Why do I care?

Why do you contribute to Blender developement? Why do we
care at all? Same reason! Share - care & enjoy.

I feel the same way you people do - I don’t want anyone sneaking
all kinds of “creepy stuff” into my computer without me knowning

  1. ah, so “so close” is at 999, not 499. Roger.
  2. I use IE and have google utilites that take care of popups and gmail and I have no idea what could be improved in the download code…
    I might try out firefox, though. Tabbed browsing is indeed a plus. I know it runs of windows, see,
  3. the point I was trying to prove with the linux example was, that some people try to be different just for the sake of it. Then some of them want to convert others to their linux-faith. And that I terribly dislike. I happen to like this piece-of-crap commercial software and what it lacks, I make up with my fantastic self and huge ego. So there.

And yes, I am a monkey now. So respect my authority! And please, <several names>, take note that it took me a year and a half to get here. I should really go and blend now, but school is a bitch and I don’t really have any time left from other stuff. So yeah.

http://forums.spywareinfo.com/index.php? >> Really good place to go get help on removing Malware. :smiley: