Who here likes Mystery Science Theater 3000?

I’m just wondering, because in my opinion, it is a pretty funny show. Although sometimes I don’t want to watch it (and just tell my brother when he asks, “I don’t want to,” never ever helps), it can be funny.

(About an alien)
GUY IN MOVIE: Looks like a cross between a pig and a bear.
CROW T. ROBOT: A pear?
–Pod People (it has nothing to do with pods, it has nothing to do with people, it has everything to do with hurting)

For the uninitiated, “MST3k” is about a human and two robots who are shot into space by a mad scientist and forced to watch some really bad movies.

In fact, there are lots of funny shows I’d like to point out, but not right now.

I used to wath it when it was on late night. Things are much funnier when you really need to sleep.

Really? I can’t figure out how to wath things. Can you teach me, seval?

BTW: Here in Arizona, it’s on Sci-Fi at like 9:00 AM, when nothing else that’s good is on.

Coolski… a blast from the past… MST3K… YAY!!! I haven’t watched that in a few years… awesome program… hysterical cutting edge satire…

I have 20 episodes on tape and DVD, and have the movie (which is better than any episode)

unless of course we are talking about, “Manos: The hands of Fate”, which is the Best MST3K of all time…

There is no way out of here, It’ll be dark soon. There is no way our of here


Why don’t you stfu n00b, because people misspell things occasionally on the internet. %|

And why the hell do you care if anyone likes it?