Who is able to code an exporter to Legend of Grimrock?

Hi there, hello to you all!

I don´t know if this is the right place to post, but i try it^^

Do you know Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder? Great old games, that genre was long abandoned.
Well, a few people picked up the idea and made a new game that goes the same way!

Legend of Grimrock was born!
An indie game that has reborn this forgotten game genre. It is an awesome game, and beside it, they released a very cool editor to create new dungeons.
The community there want to recreate some of the old games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Black Crypt… and so on. It goes all well but there is lack of a good exporter that is able to export model and bone weights with animation actions. Beside that, the people there are true fans of that, many of them - includes me^^ - are mature people that played the old games far away :wink:

The format struct itself is documented, so i guess for a routined Blender phyton coder this won´t be a big problem.
But i´m no good coder, but graphics. For me, i want to recreate the old Dungeon Master game in true 3D.
I managed to create most of the static assets, but due to lack of animation import, i can´t do Monsters.

One at the grimrock forums tried to do an importer into Blender, and it works for blender 2.62. But it was only mesh import, not what is in need.

Is there a neat, experienced Blender coder out there who is able to do an Blender to Grimrock exporter?

The only thing i can do is to support you as good as i can (The community will help too, of course!).

OK, if someone is interested to see the old games come to new life and let new ideas growing:
Legend of Grimrock Home:
The Forum:
File format description for Legend of Grimrock:
Modding resource:
Pastebin link to code from mesh importer(outdated):

Thanks to all you people, may Blender live forever!

Ah, and sorry for my bad english^^