Who likes Jak and Daxter? Here is a Precursor Orb!

Hallo dear forum members,

I’m a 26 years old 3D artist from Bavaria (Germany). My job is to render architecture and booth stills with Cinema4D. But in my spare time I want to learn, how to model and render other things in Blender.

To start with something easy I started with an object of one of my favorite game series, Jak and Daxter.

I modelled the egg (Precursor Orb) using a simple process. I used the default cube, yes I didn’t delete it :-D. And after extruding it a bit along the z-axis I used a subdivide modifier to give it an egg like form.

For each answer post I will release further information about the orb. Please feel free to give me tips for everything you would do differently. I am a beginner with blender and I want to learn more :slight_smile:

A bit off topic:
I want to learn following areas of Blender

Texture Paint

I try to find a good balance between in doing tutorials and projects of my own. The Precursor Orb is my first own project. If you have any tips for learning progression I would appreciate them too.

Thanks in advance

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Jak and Daxter games were my favorite on Playstation 2! That orb looks fantastic :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I will post more of Jak and Daxter in the future. My goal is to model Samos house with a sunset in the background.

But there is still a long way to go. At first I want to become familiar with the tools and the 3D coordination in Blender.

PS: Because I’m new to the forum I can only post one image. So here is my node setup.

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To get a bit life back to this post I share with you my Orb Diffus Map.

Feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Nice egg. To reach a more spherical surface( subdividing a cube doesn’t make a perfect sphere ) better start from an octogone.

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That makes sense :slight_smile: Thanks

And, because I keep my promises, here is the Bump Map

Can you explain what the noise texture subtract is for?

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Of course I can explain that :slight_smile:. I decided to combine two noise textures in order to get a dirty/smokey as well as a detailed surface. Of course you can choose Multiply instead of Substract but for me the Substract option offers a higher color contrast. The typical options Add or Multiply give it a low saturated color.

I hope I could help you.

I wish you and all the other members merry Christmas and a joyful 2020.

Best regards Cloud

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