Who Writes Music

Who writes game music that is a blender artists member?
I have just been wondering about that and thought i should ask.
I write some modest music but its not much.

I’m a composer. Been playing piano/keyboard for over 9 years, I played at many concerts and recitals over the years. I also play guitar electric/acoustic. I also sing :slight_smile:

Ughh… Yeah… I know yournamehere will post in this thread and brag :slight_smile: so I thought I’d kick off the bragging :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I play the paino, I’ve been only playing for 4 years, but I think I’m pretty good at it. Espcially since I learned most of the songs I play on my own.

I can play:
Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan (Piano Part)
Linkin Park - What I’ve Done
Linkin Park - The Little things that give you away
Linkin Park - Session
Life or Death - From Lost
Sadness and Sorrow - From Naruto
Dear Beloved - From Kingdom Hearts II

and some other ones :wink:

I don’t write music though 0.o

i’m a guitarist, bassist, and keyboard player(to name the instruments that i have). i can also play various percussion instruments, and i have a bamboo flute that i hand-made and can play that.

the only problem is that depending on the instrument that i start with, it ends up sounding like swing jazz, metalcore, rave, primitive, or boring old generic rock.

edit: not all together, though.:slight_smile: i also have beast, which is a composing program. all the music coming out of that usually sounds goth or orchestral.

ive been playing with lmms lately (linux multimedia studio)…been studying it so i can produce audio tracks for blender animations…

I use finale to compose music.
I play the keyboard alto and baritone sax and chromatic percussion.
I also play drums but anyone can do that.

then why are you asking us? having a bit of musician’s block? this does work(if you happen to own a guitar)

edit:and if i’m feeling like a boring old man, i use NoteEdit for straight-up, note-by-note, sheet music composition(no link, because there are few people who like doing this, even fewer who like doing it AND use linux, cause that’s what it’s made for).

I just thought it would be a good question.
I also have a game that could be fine the the music it has now but i think needs more.

I play Guitar, Base, Recorder (for some eccentric sounds) I’ve god a band (sort of), and I can do my own mixing with them, our guitarist comes up with a lot of different awesome riffs and I help him fine tune them into short instrumental bits. I can also play piano, and really, if you put an instrument in front of me, I can figure out how to play it. I scored one of my old school plays and I still have some of that music, it’s not my best work since it’s from a few years ago but i can change it around. what kind of music do you want for the game?

I play the Piano and I can play the Organ :spin:. I sometimes use a free program called “Musescore 0.9”. The only problem is I can think of music…but I can’t play it out :(:eyebrowlift::p:(

I can compose what kind of music orchestra are you requiring

I was wondering for future reference nothing yet but in the next month or so maybe

Actually I decided I can not as I am now in a professional career.

Try killer he sounds good "9 years experience

16+ years here with Piano/Keyboard and synths, and writing music in various genres. I have many examples of the different styles I can work in lying around if anyone wants to check them out sometime. :slight_smile: That, and I’m completely available.

Funny this thread comes up, I have started to make music that I may use in my Blender games in recent months using a program called Mixcraft (recently upgraded my purchase to version 5)

Mixcraft is a great, easy to use program where you can add virtual instrument loops and use the note editor to put in and hear the first few notes in only about a minute. Plus it’s also quite a bit cheaper than the big budget programs.

The fact that the node editor has a pencil tool and other tools to make your own loops without an external instrument or even the new virtual keyboard is quite a boon for those like me who need an analytical way to put tunes together (though they also have a new notation view for those more artistically minded on putting tuned together)

Mixcraft’s help proclaims that Mixcraft is the easiest Audio and MIDI based program you can find. And impressions have me saying yes as of now because I tried Garageband on my teacher’s iMac and it felt a bit slower to use.

As for Finale, apparently no technical tools for those like me who are artistic in 3D programs, but are technically minded in most other media and out of the price range I’m willing to spend.

I can write instrumental music, but I absolutely need that technically oriented note editor because I suck as playing virtual keyboards other than making wavy noises by dragging the mouse back and forth over the keys, and I would suck even more if I had to use a real instrument O.O

I use fina
it doesn’t have any convenient loops or anything its just editing the notes a various instruments.

Guitar, bass, decent violin, keys, simple drumming, the Chinese ehru. I make anything from old sounding instrumental (like Carolan’s kinda stuff) to black metal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdwFXavckB4

Thats awesome that you play the ehru i like its sound.