Who You Callin' Tubby

Hey there, this is my latest work done for my portfolio and thought I’d share it. Feedback most definitely welcome!

Modeled in Blender, sculpted and textured in Mudbox, rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. I love rendering in TB2 (rendering in real time is a huge plus for me) and wanted to use the SSS shader to make something fleshy/squishy looking. So what better than an obese amphibian!

Hope you guys like it and again, feedback very much appreciated!

Full size image http://i.imgur.com/AFYRwHg.png

Full size image http://i.imgur.com/FNJ1JIf.png

So amazing! Love it. :slight_smile:

Really like it!.. I would like to see something for scale added to the scene - I think that would help.

Hello, this is a very original creature, nice modeling.
I think you should work a better background, but i like it.

Really good job on the design of this creature, I love it!
I have to agree that it’s kinda lost without an environment but I don’t know what you were aiming for. The creature itself, as I said, is great! However, a little bit of structure in the glossiness could help to make it even more believable.

I find it very cool :wink:

You really nailed the slimy look, very impressive for a realtime model indeed.

Though I am in agreement that the environment could be improved, is he supposed to be floating on a pond or is the water just really shallow?

Thanks for the feedback! The current background is just the image I used to light it, only it’s blurred. I just kind of suck at decided what to do for backgrounds for my characters so if I could improve one thing about it it would for sure be the background. Plus, I couldn’t do anything too fancy for it because of rendering in Marmoset. But yeah, something I need to work on for next pieces.

Awesome!! Was this sculpted?

Base mesh and all other meshes made in blender, sculpted and textured in Mudbox. Didn’t sculpt it in blender since I like texturing in Mudbox and decided to do the sculpting in there as well. Any other time I would sculpt in blender and use gimp for the texturing but wanted to do everything by hand for this guy.

Edit: But Blender is definitely the best thing I’ve ever used for modeling. Why doesn’t Maya have a stinkin’ cursor?