Whoa! Live LSCM unwrapping!?!?

Did I just hullicinate what I think I saw? Live lscm unwrapping?!?! That may make unwrapping fun! http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7394

Well that’le make uv mapping about ten thousand times easier.
When it says that fluid works with modifiers does that mean like subsurf?

And I was thinking I needed to get modo, body paint, or 3d studio max 8 for unwrapping. Hmmm, I really really hope this ends up in 2.4 Its definitely useful. I hope they improve the vector painting as well, perhaps including options to paint on specularity, procedural textures and other properties. This is one thing that look really appealling in modo 201.

it is already in 2.4 (CVS) :slight_smile:

Every feature that someone shows is almost always already in the blender code that will be released :slight_smile:


Sweet this feature looks like its going to rock! Project Orange updated their site and it features this feature (yay for redundancy inthat sentence) Now if they mention they update vertex painting to say surface painting, with control over textures, and specularity, and improved the speed, my head might explode.

in tuhopuu there was relax uv’s - i’d like to see that in official blender.

Is tuhupuu the CVS build?

no tuhopuu was the experimental branch of blender.

Unfortunately Brecth has stated that he doesn’t plan to port over relax uvs, however he has something even better planned but it won’t probably be till after 2.40


Thanks for answering my relentless questioning. :smiley: