Whoo Hoo! Finally got the blender manual.

Received it today in the mail and I fear I will be up all night and have to call in sick tomorrow for work, LOL. It looks as if its made pretty well, paper looks good and its has a cool gallery page section. :smiley:

I hope mine comes soon. I ordered it from Amazon.com (big mistake) and it’s been several weeks so far. The worst part is that they still claim that it usually ships within 10 days.

And I know my order is active because I’ve been checking.

I just saw on the news that amazon.com took a big hit in the stock market … serves them right.

yeah i asked the public library to order it and i think they used amazon.
that was almost a month and a half ago! i want that friggin manual!!

<edit /> just got the manual YESTERDAY! WTF

I bought the old 2.0 manual online, and downloaded it in PDF, so I got it right away, with no shipping cost. Most of the stuff it talks about is still relevant, so it was a wise purchase, since I couldn’t afford the newer manual. Go Blender!

actually, you can get the 2.3 Blender manual for legally free as a pdf…

you just have to download it (its too large for a dial-up connection…)


where can i download it?

I remember when I got mine. It came a lot sooner than I was expecting. :slight_smile: Of course, that’s because I didn’t order from Amazon. :wink:

the last thing i ordered from amazon got to me within 3 days, but that was 4 years ago

If my order doesn’t get shipped in the next two weeks I’m going to cancel it. Where did you order it from?

Yes, you can. But I bought it anyway to 1) support Blender and 2) Have it as a book, so I could have it readily at hand wherever and have the CD and 3) So I could buy it off Amazon (big mistake)


I also ordered the bundle today, for a large part to support the dev team, but didn’t knew there was a pdf of it online ? Where can we download it ? Is it v2.3 ?



It’s pretty messy standard Apache listing, but there are all versions of documentation ever made public in all formats. :slight_smile:

Thanks Trident, fantastic ! :smiley: