"Who's that pokemon?" animated blue star with many points?

I can’t find a proper way to make that thing, I’ve spent 6 hours trying to make something that works, but could not manage to accomplish anything besides giving up and downloading an already made template. I found a way, with compositing and an emissive node to make an orb that looks like the dark blue part of the star behind the pokemon. Could not find a proper way to animate the thing. What am I missing?

Sorry, I am not familiar with Pokemon so it might help to share a screen shot of what you are looking to make and do.

But animating an object can be done in many different ways plus a combination of methods.

shape keys
object animation (location, size, rotation)
rigging armature/skeleton animation
geo nodes
animation nodes
physics engines

and I am sure there are more.

The fun part is there is no perfect way. It is which method works the best for what you need at the time you need it.

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This link leads to a YouTube video with the meme template I’m trying to replicate:

The dark blue thingy… Can’t make that.

Easiest will be with texture scrolling. Make a mesh disc, unwrap it into strip with Follow Active Quads. Map a tiling texture to it. Move the texture with UV Warp modifier or shader’s mapping nodes


pokeStar.blend (1.0 MB)
Decided to make an example since explanation can be confusing. To animate it, I inserted bunch of keyframes to UV Warp and set interpolation to Step in order to achieve choppy movement


I guess you can replace the texture scrolling part with rotation, if you use same Step interpolation trick. And/or enrich the effect by having multiple layers with different textures and scrolling speed

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DeckardX08’s method is a quick and relatively easy way to do it.

Another way is using a particle system with the spikes coming out and dying randomly from an object. This method would require some fine tuning to make it look like the video.

This is an example of a cylinder with spikes having a life span of 4. Also need to turn off gravity so the spikes don’t fall.

spikey cylinder


Thanks guys, I’ll try both methods ASAP.