Why am I getting uneven scaling of faces?

the image shows what I am talking about. I created a cone with 5 faces in Top Ortho view in Blender 2.5.

Then, in Top Ortho view, I selected each of the top 5 faces in turn, and extruded them in place. Then, I scaled each face in turn by 0.9.

After I’d done this to all 5 faces, I noticed that the spaces between each resulting face was not the same and I do not understand why this is. It also looks like the spaces at the bottom of each panel are not the same as one another, too.

what I am trying to do is end up with this 5-sided pyramid shape which has a frame for glass panes, and my method was to use extrude & scale in combination to achieve this articulation.

Any clues on how I can get what I want with even spaces in between each panel?

Many thanks!



you want to make sure the pivot point is median like in the image below

what i did was create a circle with 5 sides, extruded inwards, alt+m to merge, then
drag the center vertex up so as to get some type of cone like you have.

then individually did:

  • select face, hit e, hit enter, hit s, type .9, hit enter


hope that helps :slight_smile:

thank you zeffii; that DOES help…so, essentially, careful as I was being, I was throwing things off…

that is very good to know!!


Good :slight_smile:

yeah, ideally use the mouse only to select stuff, especially with precision operations. from that point sequences of kb short-cuts (like above) are your friend :slight_smile: or if you had to do a lot of different shapes…but still apply identical procedures to all, you would start thinking about writing scripts

I can see the benefits to that, but I have no script-writing chops at all…are you talking about Python scripts?


yeah, python is worth a couple of hours here and there :slight_smile: but that’s another can of crawly things that crawleth, and this is not the thread for it :slight_smile:

happy blendering :slight_smile:

quite right!

Thank you for your help, Zeffii