why are all the old objects still there?

I started using bleneder 2.33a. and I did the gus tutorial with it. now im using blender 2.34. now I noticed something crazy. every new scene I start has gus and all that armature in the SHIFT-F4 menu. when I try to delete those objects, blender that they couldnt be deleted and to check the console window. the console window remains blank with no explaination telling me WHY those objects couldnt be deleted. also, I tried deleting everything on top where it says SCR and all the extra gus stuff gets deleted, but it comes back as soon as I start a new scene. is there permanent fix to this?

Heh. This is easier than you might think. You just managed to save the default settings with the “gus stuff” there. Make the screen as you want it when you make a new .blend, and go to file, “save default settings”.

There was a fairly-recent version that did have problems with failing to clean things up; like Actions, I believe. The use-counts never reached zero even though there were no users, so the objects didn’t vanish on save. I think that’s been cleared up now. In fact I thought that 2.33a was “clean,” but maybe not?

If a datablock has no users, it still won’t be removed on save if it has a “Fake” user (F-key in Shift+F4, or the little F button in the datablock menu selector) - this is so you can make material libraries and such that have materials, but no users.

Actions have fake users by default, so you’ll have to remove them before the actions will be deleted.

none of the objects have a user in the shiftfF4 menu. it’s all 0. no F either. but the objects are still there in that menu. and when I select one to delete it. blender says it cant and to look at the console window. no msg comes out in the console window. also. none of these objects are visible in the 3d windows. it’s just clutter all over the shift f4 menu.

Try save and reopen (Ctrl-W, Ctrl-O), you may have to do it a few times. When (if) all is erased set everything up like you want your default .blend to look like and do Ctrl-U.

If this doesn’t work find your B.blend file and erase (or move) it and restart Blender (it will generate a default B.blend), set it up the way you want it and Ctrl-U.