Why are billboards purported to be quads as opposed to a single triangle?

I am designing low poly foliage and I just noticed that throughout general discussions of billboarding, billboards are purported to be a quad. Why not just UV map a triangle?

No reason at all. Texture clipping doesn’t show in Blender Render viewport (interestingly it does for Cycles), but rendered view should be ok.

what benefit would you get ?

Half the triangle count. Considering it’s about low-poly foliage, quite a bit.

In case you (or the next in line) will want to animate, subD, modify… otherwise, no need to create anything :eyebrowlift2:

I’m confused burnin… no need to create anything? Low poly assets for are generally static and finite as they are fundamentally designed to be as efficient as physically possible. Unless, we start living in a different universe… the value for the most physically efficient implementation isn’t going to change…