Why are files so small after linking objects?

Just used link objects (Cntrl+L)…worked as promised…kept all attributes and orientations of replaced objects while changing the mesh to the replacement object.Only baffling thing is file now only size of replacement object (2MB) even though about 30 objects in scene…original file before change was 260 MB…to test it I copied/pasted replaced object in new file and it seems ok with same size (2MB)Did another test using monkey mesh–by herself, the file = 99KB…the file with 4 duplicates and original mesh (total 5 monkeys) = 187kb…using link objects replaced 4 with 1 = 101KBWhy the difference and will objects generated with linked objects cause problems if used in other scenes?

Any ideas? Don’t be shy…don’t wanna wait till next ballistic missile alert–it might be for real this time…

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