Why arent My Booleans exporting properly ? :(

I am making a house in blender. I want to export it to fbx so i may import it into Unreal Engine. When I export as Fbx The booleans i used to make window holes are all glitching out. Please if you know what the issue is I could really use some help.House1.fbx (175.8 KB)

Levelone.blend (1.6 MB)

Modifiers only work in Blender. You should apply them before exporting.

I downloaded your files, and I didn´t see any difference. Please, show us where is the problem.

I was pretty sure I had applied them all. I am just rendering something right now but when that is done i will go into the file and recheck. Thank you for your response i appreciate it a lot

I don’t notice anything in the blend file but when i export to fbx to send to unreal i get these weird glitchy deformations. Also thank you so much for taking the time to respond and help me out.

It´s really strange… I exported in FBX, and OBJ. In 3D visualizer, I can see the glitches, but, I can´t see what´s wrong in Blender. When I imported the FBX back to Blender, everything seems to be normal… That glitches shows up inside Unreal?

Can’t be sure but there are many parts to the house that do not have Scale/Rotation applied…That is the ONE thing you should always do…even before adding the Booleans… it will almost always end up messing with something down the road…It also inverts some scales to the negative on export to FBX !!

( I know…I forget all the time myself… It’s hard to get into the habit, but as soon as I have a problem like this…its the first thing I check! )