Why Boolean Modifier remove the modified object's face?

In this case, i have make object and cylinder mesh and i want to cut the object’s part with cyclinder using Boolean Modifier, but there is something wrong about it.

The face of the object (as you all can see in the image) also have been cut, although what i want is object’s face still in there, only part of it.
I don’t know how to fix this, any suggestion?

Here is the file https://pasteall.org/blend/bd7f1733831340c79746808c302e13db

In your 2.79 file your ambos has splitted topology. Use merge vertices (cleanup remove doubles) before using the boolean.

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What is ambos? Is it the object itself?
Btw, i have remove double the object’s vertices and this is the result

And after that, i use Boolean Modifier and it works like in this image

Your model ! Like hammer and ambos… !? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Yes it works… that’s the reason i told you so…

I want to make shading of object looks sharp and clean, so i added Edge Split Modifier and after that, i modified it using Boolean Modifier. But the object doesn’t get modified by cyclinder

Is there any other way to make the object looks sharp but can still get modified?

Just split edges of the final modeled object…
(And you tagged your own reply as solution following my advice and also asking another question after this??)

Oh ok… Thank you for your help