Why can I not use Blender without OpenGL3.3?

I recently downloaded and installed the latest Blender and it won’t even open because my graphics card does not support OpenGL3.3 and there are no updates available for it. Somebody told me that you don’t need to render using OpenGL so why can I not open Blender and use the cycles render engine? Please excuse my technical ignorance.

Blender uses openGL to draw the UI.

OpenGL was released in 2010. If you’re planning to do anything remotely complex it might be time to look for a PC upgrade.

Because older than Opengl 3.3 is really out of date. In near future Vulkan is coming:

My video card supports OpenGL3.1. I have been told by a Linux user that he can open Blender in Linux without GPU as long as he doesn’t use OpenGL for rendering. Is he wrong?

@TheRedWaxPolice Thank you. I’ll give that a go.


Good solution. Thank you very much.

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