Why can I see through mesh in edit mode?

Hi guys,

I’m new here so sorry if I make any mistakes regarding forum conventions. Here is my problem:

I can see through my mesh in EDIT mode even though I am in solid view AND I am occluding background geometry. This happens with all objects not just any one in particular. I feel it must be some setting that I do not know about that is keeping the mesh transparent even though I don’t want it to be. Also, I don’t have any materials applied to my object.

Here is a picture:

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Looks like Xray in object properties but you said happens with all objects. File would be helpful. Might also be maximum draw type set to wire, but once again you said all objects. File would be… oh already said that.

Limit selection to visible icon.

Thanks for your replies guys. Sorry for the delayed response. It appears the problem was fixed when I transferred from Blender 2.70 to 2.71. It was very possibly the x-ray in the object properties or the minimal draw type set to wire. But then again, I’m not positive since it seemed to apply to all objects in the scene. Maybe I didn’t check enough of them. I know for a fact it wasn’t the ‘limit selection to visible’ icon. For anyone who is reading this post and having similar issues I recommend trying DruBan’s suggestions.

Thanks again for your feedback guys. :slight_smile: