Why can the ball can pass through the door?

Use arrow keys to control the ball.

My question:
Why can the ball pass through the door?


tmp.blend (349 KB)

Use linV instead of loc. Remember to check the L.

but it has inertia…

What should I do to let it not to have inertia?


i’ve had this problem before too, and havent found a good solution. If you reduce the speed to .05 then it wont go through, but it will bounce off, which is undesirable too.

you don’t have any bounds set for the objects - in order for physics to work you need a physics proxy, or a physical standin unless u want the actual triangle mesh to do the physics calculations for you which would be CPU intensive

also you need to ctrl + N from edit mode to set the normals of your door facing outward, assuming that’s what you want them to do - for looks I mean

Edit: B3D00’s good help that he gave me earlier tonight has put me into a helpful mood so I made a screenshot to demonstrate physical proxies

take notice of the boxes those are the proxies that I set by clicking on the bounds button in the game panel. Note that the phsyical proxy type i chose was “box” and the dimentions of the box are dependant upon the actual bounds of the object which you can veiw by going into bounding box draw mode in the viewport (look at the same drop down where u find shaded and texture draw mode)

in other words, if you want those doors to have proper bounding you will haev to have the mesh and the object bounds properly coordinated - I coordinated these doors by joining the two meshes into one. From the type of proxy that your doors had before I beleive u must have duplicated a circle on the mesh level and then moved then apart from the mesh level. This is not good for bounding box coordination, instead, if u duplicate an object try to duplicate at object level so that each mesh area will have it’s own cooresponding bounding box

you can see ur phsyical bounds during game play by selecting the Show Physics Visualization option from the game menu


Also for those of you talking about the inertia of the ball you can alter this in many ways one method is to alter the material settings having to do with fH, don’t ask me exactly what that means i just know that setting the friction higher will reduce or eliminate the “bounce back” that occurs when u steer one object into another

it’s in the materials panel, so u need to have a material set to your object which this ball didnt’ have i don’t think

thanks for your help very much! :slight_smile: