Why can't all trailers be like this?

THis is the best film trailer promotion ive seen for a long time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvrBCJX8XHo

Is that a real trailer for 2012? If so, it’s absolutely awesomely incredible. xD

No, hollywood is not awsome enough to make a trailer like that.

If the film actually had a cheesy 70’s vibe like that I’d be all over it. Disastersploitation?

That movie actually kinda depresses me because it’s going to be yet another movie this year that will have people I know raving about how “awesome” it is without being able to even tell you what the film was about if you ask them beyond “there’s all this stuff, and it gets totally destroyed!”

The hits just keep on coming…

Animal, have you seen the trailer for “Black Dynamite”? It’ll be getting a release in the states soon. Probably go overseas if it does well enough.

There’s an older ‘red band’ trailer that I won’t post here because there’s nudity, violence and profanity pretty much throughout the whole thing. I much prefer the red band version because it’s even less ‘slick’ than this version. It’s total cheese and looks hilarious. Can’t wait to see it.

No, but the original trailer is still epic (saw it in cinema).

The original is hilarious, this is even better.

HAHA. Animal, thanks for that link.

First time i watched it, the first bit i was sitting there thinking

‘meh, this is another “funny” trailer for disaster porn movie’

the the Plain Disaster!!! part came and i started laughing and i couldn’t stop.

The best is the end with all the bongo drums and the white house being crushed under the aircraft carrier.

I believe I just wet myself…

Youtube is too slow now… it’s disappointing, I hope they can find room for all the junk from teenagers’ cell phone cameras so that the good stuff can run smoothly again.

That was officially the funniest thing I’ve seen today. It beat out the “Raccoons are little bears on crack” article, even.