Why cant i duplicate these squares

it is a square with red border etc that i need 100 wide and 100 back

10ftfloor.blend (514.2 KB)
thanks all

How did you duplicate it? Shift+D should work.
You can just just a 2nd array modifier also.

i did an array but i think it thought the image was one image over the whole array instead of each individual plane.
what do i do!

You didn’t pack everything into the Blend File…there is no texture

just choose any image you have.

the image was one image over the whole array

That does not work with UV mapping afaik.
You have to use Generated or Object mapping.

I made up a Procedural, and a way to add in the texture whatever you decide to do with the Checker…Wasn’t sure if you wanted the red around the outer edge of the 100x100 or just around the single tile that is repeated…but this will get you either way and the checker and the stripe are changeable…

Outside edges


10ftfloor-Modified.blend (617.9 KB)

wow thanks. are those box things with connection available on 2.69?

10ft check red2
here is the image.
your file would not open in 2.69

Really…2.69…I even changed to 2.79B years ago!! and 2.8 a couple of years now…
You should say that in the opening statement.

You could just copy the Node tree and check it! I don’t even remember if 2.69 had nodes like these, 2.79b was close…just would have to replace the Principled with a diffuse shader…

Here, I forgot about the Node I made…I took and trimmed the node tree down to something 2.69 should be able to use, see if you can copy these nodes and you should get close to what it shows in the pix…

  1. add the plane…
  2. Add an array for the 100 in the X direction
  3. Add another array in the Y direction
  4. Add a New Material, and plugin this node tree as shown and you should be good to go.
    I hope that this helps…show us the result and then if it has problems we can try to fix it!
    Good Luck and Happy Blending!

I have no idea how to do that!