Why can't I paint my mesh?

I am very frustrated.

I have tried for some time to paint my mesh, according to tutorials. (on and off for at least two months.) I am learning. I used tutorials such as this one. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Textures/UV/Painting_the_Texture

I want to paint eyes and makeup on my mesh.

I have UV unwrapped my whole character. Arranged it in the UV window.

But following that tutorial, I just CAN’T seem to be able to paint on the mesh! The brush won’t move when I click in the 3d screen, or the paintbrush won’t appear in the UV window.

Can anyone tell me step by step what to do, or point me to a tutorial that tells me plainly step by step what to do? Thanks.

(BTW, I can’t view videos because my internet is far too slow.)

You don’t say where in the process things are going wrong, but essential steps to UV painting in Blender:

You must create your UV image.
You must UV unwrap your model onto that image and SAVE IT.
You must apply the UV image as a texture onto the object, by using the texture panel, setting it to affect the colour, and set to UV.
You must set Texface in the materials panel.
You must have the viewport you want to paint into set to ‘solid’ or ‘textured’, not a wireframe.

That’s what works for me.



After you unwrap your mesh, in edit mode you need to add a new image in the UV window. You should be able to paint after that.

Thanks Matt, in your step #4 you said “Set Texface” in the materials panel. Do you mean select “Face Textures” in the Material Options panel?


Well, thank you thank you for replies.

I tried the advice out, and in various ways… something worked.
I will try again with a diff mesh, and try to follow the advice.
ty again.