Why can't I save my game as a run time?

I have searched all over the web and yet, in blender 2.57b, there doesn’t seem to be a way to save my video game as a runtime.

I clicked on Export>save as runtime.

Nothing happens. The file never pops up and there is no error window to describe any problems. What have you guys done to export your video games?

I would try 2.58. I’ve never known this issue, and so this is all i can suggest.

There is most likely an error - is there an option to bring up the console via the Help menu? If not, navigate into the Blender package file, go into contents, and in there is another Blender executable - I believe that running that will open the console window, as well.

well if what you be by it is that you dont see the export as runtime thing you have to go under user pref and click on add ons then to the left lick game engine and there should be a thing now in the middle that says export as runtime click on the clittle box to the right of it now you should she the export as runtime thing in the menu now.