Why can't I scale my objects anymore?

Hi, wworking on a course, but suddenly I can’t scale my object(s) anymore in object mode. Anyone has this seen before? Working in Blender 3.0.1.


Check if you have locked the scale as seen in this screenshot (the lock icon):


When locked, you won’t be able to adjust those values.


In the Object Properties panel (on the right side of your screen by default) check that your “scale” values have an open padlock next to them.

Let us know if that isn’t it.

Maybe you activated an Affect Only option of Object mode.
Check Options popover of object mode.

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That’s right! I think we’ve all been bitten by that before.

Press . to bring up the pie menu for transformation origins and uncheck “Only Locations”.

Here’s a pic for others to look at.


Don’t know how this was turned on, and unchecking did the trick! Learned something again, thanks @Duoas

Yeah, pie menus are great, but they take a little getting used to. It is easy to accidentally select an option if you aren’t careful. Older versions of Blender (like, really old) had a shortcut for this, IIRC, which could be a pain if you accidentally frob the key.

This is actually a very useful option, allowing you to adjust an object’s position by scaling or rotating without modifying the object’s own scale or rotation.

And remember, it was @zeauro who remembered this one for you. :slight_smile:

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Cuddos for @zeauro :slight_smile:

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I’m not getting the Scale option when I try to scale my curve object. (PFA)…
Please let me know anything I missed. Thanks…

Change from the View tab to the Item tab.

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this is what was stopping from scalling I am a beginner and I tried to scale it doesnt happen I checked for the lock it was unlocked I didnot understand pie menu unchecking the only locations did the trick what is it doing though