Why can't I see my objects through camera

Sorry for such a basic question - I have wasted my whole evening though trying to crack it. I am following one of the Blender Guru YouTube tutorials and have added a camera to begin composing the scene but can’t see the objects through the camera angle. Please can someone suggest why this is?

Thank you


Lightbulb post filament curve.blend (646 KB)

Your Lens clipping is to small. The end of your plane would be about 3.4m.

Thanks for responding - please could you elaborate on this a bit - what do I need to do to see my objects?

If you select your camera, you can change its settings. Change Clipping to what you need, you can set the first value as low as you can, and second value as high much as you need

@Chris6003, my apologies for not being clear. When I brought up your blend file the Camera property panel was visible so I didn’t think I needed to elaborate.

Hi guys! Thank you both very much for telling me how to do this I really appreciate it - it’s worked for me and I can now see the objects!