Why can't i use Python Scripts?`

I can’t use any of the ‘installed’ python scripts that i want… I install them, but never see them on the list of add-ons to enable/disable.

What’s wrong? Any help please.

Were these scripts written specifically for the version of blender you are using ?
The python api is still not finalised so any earlier scripts are not guaranteed to work.

what version of blender are you useing? if its 2.5 the api isn’t finalized. if its 2.49 or older do you have the version of pyton installed for that version of blender?

if you use windows here is metas build with every script that works built in http://rapidshare.com/files/409693343/1117_scripts_blender-2.49b-windows.zip.html you will also need to instal python 2.6.

yes, after doing some research, i have found that there are few if any Pytho scripts written for 2.5 beta…

Iam asking so that i can use a different renderer…

which renderer?

Any thing other than Blender’s internal… LuxRender, Yafaray, anything…

yafray just came out with a new beta they are requesting be tested. yafray is included with the 2.49 build i gave you, but if you have already done all your modeling and stuff in 2.5 i dont think you can open those blends with 2.49. you best bet would be to grab the rendering branch off graphicall and see what results it gives you if you have already done too much work to waste in 2.5. if you haven’t started yet stick with the 2.49 release.

on graphicall.org http://www.graphicall.org/builds/ where it says “all types” click the drop down arrow and select "experimental. that will give you the rendering branch builds.