Why can't these armatures 3D-track?

The effect I want is, when the armature gets thrown in a direction, it faces in the direction it’s traveling. The armatures are dynamic with multiple objects parented ot them. Among these objects is an empty that has delayed parenting. I scripted the change of the TrackTo actuator so the armature will face the empty. Because the empty is following the armature, the armature will face the direction it’s travelling.

But for whatever reason (this has worked before), it’s not working. The armature is not tracking the empty on a 3D basis (it 2D-tracks instead). The 3D button in the actuator is depressed, and I even used track.setUse3D(1) to no effect.

What’s wrong here? Does anybody know from what I’ve written, or do I have to post the .blend?

If the problem is with the armature tracking, you could turn off collision and parent it to an invisible cylinder or something. That’s what I do anyway. I don’t think armatures make very good dynamic objects. A cylinder might not be the best choice in that circumstance because they behave differently than other objects. They stay vertical all the time when on the ground. Works great for 2 legged characters, but I’m not sure what would happen when you throw one around.