why christmas sucks

I thought it was because my parents won’t let me buy anything until christmas is over… making me miss ut3’s launch… are the reindeer peeing? house looks kinda meh…but I think the whole point of this was the “funny” part…right?

I completely agree, Christmas will always be what it never was.

BTW, did you do the clouds in Blender?

/ Mats




wolf , you can make it an animation too :slight_smile: .

Wow, thanks for replies !

Chirpsalot, no the reindeers are not peeing, those yellow stars are mean to be magic trails. Yes, the point was to make it look funny if possible.

Mats Haldin, the clouds were painted in Gimp, saved as PNG and applied to planes in Blender as a texture. I got the idea from CG Talk’s award winner animation, POLKARELLA:

Mmph!, Wazza ? :smiley:

3DGURU, I don’t think I can, I’m not good at animation.

oh… :smiley: that’s good

You’re having some serious anti-aliasing problems, man. You should try switching to a different AA sampling filter.

The reindeer look like llamas to me…is that intentional?

Man, I’m glad I’m not Santa.

PlantPerson, it’s the toon edges.

I don’t know why it’s antialiased. . .maybe that’s why people render the picture really big in toon edges then scale it down using GIMP to get good results.

The reindeer I didn’t paint, I got it from Google images.