Why delete face when use delete edge?

I just wanna delete edge, but why delete face, and dissolve is not working .


my guess would be that it’s probably an open edge on the curved side, can’t see the cavity color fade.

Selecting the edge and pressing Ctrl+X does the trick for me…
Perhaps your mesh has something wrong (duplicate vertices, hidden manifolds or whatever), so if you share your mesh with us, we could give you a faster answer/solution.

Here it is . delete edges.blend (867.0 KB)

I don’t know what’s wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Someone might know the technicalities but I think you’re gonna need at least 2 edges connecting a hole in a plane to define it. Same happens when you do a simple plane, and knife project a circle in the middle.

You can re-cut it if you don’t like where the edges connect but you might need to keep at least 2 edges. Why do you want to delete them?

Thanks for your explanation.

Whatever try to change quads to tris, and dissolve edges, always have 2 edges can’t dissolve.

I called this 2 edges is support edges for a hole .

I see now.

It’s mainly because blender uses Loops for defining polys, and a loop is continuos and cannot have two separate parts. In case of a poly with a hole inside, there would be two loops (outside and inside), and that won’t work.

Thanks for your explanation.

You don’t want to delete the edge, you want to dissolve it, (which is what Ctrl+X does). However, a couple of thigns to be wary of, 1) Blender won’t let you delete an edge if it is critical to connecting two points, 2) If you are deleting and there is no adjoining edge, the default is to delete the vertex as well, which can lead to strange results. Nine times out of ten, I uncheck this box after applying the dissolve edge. It would be nice if you could set a default for that instead of having to uncheck it every time you do an edge dissolve.