Why do i get double output?

Hi so in this files: http://www.file-upload.net/download-2665726/Space-Rambo.zip.html

i have a blend, it is the SpaceShooter_Fight.blend .
Inside it, when i start the BGE and press P to pause the scene,
a strange effect happens.

It doesnt stop as i wish it would, and it prints out the prints always in double, like
0011 or 11.

that happens on both Scenes, the actual Scene and the Overlay.

I guessed i did somthing wrong with the pulse mode and triggering setup but i treid different settings and none of them resulted in a singular signal like 010101.

this would be important to archive in order to make that pausing work.

Can sombody help me out?

greets Equal

I think the problems you have are due to the fact that you have two controllers triggered by <p>.

I suggest to move the suspend/resume logic complete to the overlay scene.
This has some advantages:

  1. This logic is at one place and can be handled by just one controller.
  2. It can be paused only if the overly scene exist (avoids freezing)
  3. More control over the program flow.

Additional I suggest to separate the apear/disappear into a separate object with its own logic. You could trigger the animation by changing the property on that object.
That gives you the option to replace it later with something else. Or to add more objects reacting on the pause/unpause.

I hope it helps

As always , great support and super solutions from you, Monster, i will definatly have a try as all of this seems to be very well thought out.

greets Equal