Why Do Particles Flow Nicely Along Path Then Go Crazy!

My fluid particles are following a path. The fluids start to follow the path fine but then they start freaking out randomly at the emitter before they reach the path’s end point.

This video shows the problem.

Here are my settings:
Timeline Length: 200 frames
Particle Emission
Start: 1.000
End: 1000.00
Lifetime: 10,000.00

Curve Settings
Frames: 200
Evaluation Time: 10.000 (this is a guess!)
How do you determine the path evaluation time for the curve?


Not sure, but your settings are weird. You have an animation time of 200 frames you start at frame 1 go to frame 1000 for the simulation and make the particle live for 10,000 frames. In a simulation you could start anywhere in the frames but I would end it just after how many frames you need and make them live for only as long as you needed as well like maybe 200 - 205 frames, since the end of the animation is at frame 200. I’m at work now, so maybe I’ll play with settings similar to yours whne I get home and slep for a bit, and see if I can’t find a solution.