Why do people make the same games?

Hi, so recently ive noticed that the games on BA are either an FPS, RPG or a RACING game. Why is this? is it because their easiest to make or just the funnest? im struggling to to find why this is…:no:

i think beacuse of the ressources to find for a RPG or FPS is much easier to find than for a RTS or other games.
You can find a lot of Templates for these kind of games, but no Strategy Game Templates for example.

Its a lack of imagination and creativity from those making the games. They try to make the games they like playing. In reality though, they will never be as good as they games they play. Making a casual type puzzle game which they are more likely to finish is just not as good as making the next Halo / WOW

One good reason is that if you make a game that looks like other games, you don’t have to tell people what it is. If you create a game outside the main genres (Racing game, RPG, MMO, hidden-objects, connect-four &c.) then you have to do the extra work needed to convince others that it is feasible (this goes for convincing Portals, Venture capitalists as well as players).
But I still suggest that you try :wink:

Well another good reason is becoz they might have never tried creating a big game. Most people on BA arent industry proffessionals, many use bge as a hobby for fun. I have my own FPS under development (currently suspended till next yr.) and i choose to create that because i want to learn how the workflow goes, what game engine to choose for which type of game, challenges, export limitations, etc. One cant learn all this by only reading some articles over internet. For me its now for learning sake only. When I would find myself with enough skill then I can make other style of games, work in industry or even open my own company.
Hope u understand and find this somewhat relevant and usefull. :slight_smile:

I think that its a simple choice by guys who dont know what to do, if you think about games stiles the first things that pops up on the head are FPS, RPG (on my head at least) and since those same guys dont have knowledge on game developing, i mean from the scratch of the game tothe end, they start to making without think about the dificulty level of those games, but for me this is more than natural since each project that are not finished increase the hability of the artist.
For me the question isnt is why people make the same games, but why not?

I dont know why people always choose Rpg’s or Fps games because if you search up blender games on youtube, you can find creative fps or rpg games. why doesn’t some one make a game like defjam icon or a sport game or something be cause some of my friends are struggling to find a good game project to join.

RPG is a massive genre, it encompasses many smaller genres and is often mixed with other genres. NFS Most Wanted is an RPG racing game.

If you assume the role of a character in a game it is likely that is an RPG.

It’s often an art’s tendency! People do what “on”, “hot”, “fashionable”, the biggest hits! Hobbyist like us don’t often develop their ideas before playing a few game. In most cases, they become artists by starting a game project.
For example, in my case, I became an half assed artist because I wanted to make games, so I went to an art academy (only did 1st year though), then I met blender, and started playing games!
So why is it the same games? Similar people think the same way! Check this forum for example… the same questions cycle mostly in a monthly based, and if the WIP section was divided in game types, you’ll see how the games will be basically Halos’ Resident Evils, NFS’s, GTA’s and so on!
OK that’s my quick opinion, I didn’t do any research in the subject!