Why do the collision and touch sensors only work for dynamic objects?

Since blender 2.41 the collision and touch sensors only work with dynamic objects

In blender 2.25 to 2.41 you could use the collision and touch sensors for any object,
without making it dynamic or even an actor.

Why did this change?
and is there a way to make this work using Python?


I realy think this should be fixed but I don’t know how to go about it, or who to contact
Does anybody else feel this way, or have this problem?

If not I’ll just forget and work around it, until I can fix it myself.


I agreed with every word u written down at this Thread

It’s been like this ever since Bullet was introduced.

You can use the collision sensor on a static object, as long as it registers collision with a dynamic object. Static/Static collision has to use ray, near, and radar sensors.

I would like to see the collision sensor working with static objects with bounds set and see moving static objects not as risk of going through other static objects.