Why do this?


Why do this line in middle? Why not just remove it and let it be square? Is this topology? What are the benefits of this? (simply)

Maybe it was imported using a format that only supports triangles such as .3ds or .stl
Maybe it was used in a game engine that renders only triangles so any quads get automatically triangulated

If you don’t want triangles then dissolve those additional edges

What about the texturing?
I noticed quads tend to tear horribly upon hard angle.

You can import a model into a game engine comprised of quads. But it’ll be broken down into tris anyway before being rendered by your video card. So while it looks neater you’re not gaining anything in terms of efficiency. The quad version would be kept as an editable source.

It’s common practice to triangulate a game mesh to ensure the edges are in the correct place. They may get turned incorrectly when imported. Which I’ve seen happen many times. Not such a big deal with a flat surface like a road, or runway. But for anything more complex, like a character, that could actually change it’s topology.

If there’s a problem with textures, it might be specific to that engine or a fault in the UVs of the mesh you were looking at.

Thank you! This is clears it a lot!