Why do you like 3d?

I want know why.

It’s the artform I learned
And I like not having to draw the same thing in 10 different angle because there’s no orbit tool irl.

It allows for a much better realization of an idea compared to the traditional art forms (it feels like you’re really creating a world).

However, this comes at the cost of being harder to learn and being more intensive for your PC (fortunately I have a rather decent i7 machine that will only go further as Blender sees more optimization).

Jurassic Park. One of the best t-rex I’ve seen in a movie. I wanted to make that.

Its amazing for me to be able to run operations and dump a thought into a .blend, and the parts that were missing you can fill in as you go.

3d is thinking out loud and extending your mind into the canvas.

I think it is easier/faster to do certain tasks in 3D – especially animation.

For me it is just a medium to study & create in simply better way than ever before.
A tool that forces human to think before it acts.

Easy to get reference for 2d. Has inventive elements to it.

'Not constrained by physical laws" is the first thing I usually say when asked.

nostalgia. you can recreate places that have changed or no longer exist. not sure if vr will increase interest in recreating historical sites or not, but it could become like the ultimate museum. there might not even be enough public interest, being a bit nerdish other people might not find the entertainment value in it i do.

3 is a great number and D what an amazing letter :wink:

here is what I can get with my drawing skills

and what I can get with 3D

Because it’s 1D ahead of 2D

It enables me as a filmmaker to do things that are either too expensive or too dangerous to shoot on a set.

Hah! Well put - pretty much the same thing here.

In my formative years I was a traditional artist. 3D enables me to continue to be an artist.

I love all kind of visual arts and as an artist i want to use all of these kind of disciplines/ models of expression. Paintings/drawings, comics, animation, movies, videogames.
3D as an tool enables the artist to become the ultimate shapeshifting creator. The end-product can become anything (if you are able).
It integrates all kinds of traditional artforms and goes beyond them.
In the field of 3D all medias converge.
Working in 3D can be the most demanding and the most rewarding creative work, as it is the bleeding edge of creativity and technology.

The last time i painted i made stuff like this:
Now only my 3D stuff has to reach this level of complexity.


I prefer your drawing - has way more personality.


I played Mega Race and Lost Eden when I was a teenager.

Wanted to do animation like that ever since.