Why does Blender 2.8 (EEVEE) have a "textures" tab and if so how do you use it?

Like earlier versions, Blender 2.8 has both a materials tab and a “textures” tab. But since EEVEE is essentially all node-based, how do you use the textures that you define on that tab? I see no node that “refers to a separately-defined texture by name.” How are you supposed to refer to them?

It is for brushes or Displace modifier for example. Same way that for Cycles in 2.79

Texture in 279 only a place to add image for texture from what I see. I use blender for decades since 249 and never used materials or textures much. Was working so I was enjoying to tinker every night in blender.

That said… 280 is now all nodes and great. I use shader tab often now and making textures and materials these days.

Can’t understand why people show tutorials always pulling out windows instead of using tabs of preset areas in 280… they are great!..I love them and use them

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I guess I was expecting a Texture node-type titled, “Named Texture.” With a drop-down of all the textures you’d defined in that tab. Or, something like that.

The Texture Properties are currently still needed for modifiers, particles and brushes.

With the Everything Nodes and node-based modifiers and particles, we should be able to remove it.

For brushes we could then integrate the texture controls into the brush tool settings.