why does my car door look like this when i smooth object??

My door has some weird shadows when i smooth shade it, usually I can go in and fix this but i cant find he problems

Here is my blend file


Hyundai Build Bumper Edge Loop method.blend (707 KB)

The face normals are not consistent, some point inwards and some point outwards

Select all vertices and Ctrl+N to recalculate their normals

Thank you so much! Also do you think the topology is ok or does it need major work?

It’s not bad but needs some work. Not all loops follow the shape, there are ngons and triangles that don’t need to be there.

Ill be putting this car int a game engine. Should i convert the whole thing to triangles since games work better with those?

Might not need to if the exporter can do that for you. Having a good quad flow makes it quite predictable.
There is triangulate modifier that you could use to view them, which could be then applied on export.
There’s also triangulate tool (select, ctrl+T) which you could use but that is a destructive way of doing it.