Why does my model parts not join with sub division modifier applied

Hi guys - Can you please help me by telling me why my model parts don’t appear to join when I increase the view count using the sub division modifier? I’ve attached 2 screenshots to depict the difference.

Many thanks


I’ve attached 2 screenshots to depict the difference.
But no actual demo blend file for anyone to check !!!

Are the pieces all one single continuous joined mesh ? If not then make them so.

Sorry that was foolish of me. I have now attached the file. All pieces are one object.

Thank you


Mech7.blend (453 KB)

Except you have disconnected pieces

As your objects are not made of one mesh / joint… the subdvision modifier treat all the objects as it is, separately… you will need use crease edge / sharp edge or additional loop for tell the modifier where is the controller of the curve, edge.

But at the start you should have treat them as a single mesh… thoses are not complicate mesh, simple extrusion and scaling …