Why does my viewport render differ from the PNG output?

Hey there!

I’ve recently realized Blender potential for making Anime-style explosion. After having followed some tutorial, I’ve set myself to make my own explosion. After some tests, what I get in the EEVEE viewport suits me, but when I try and create the PNG, the result is very different for some reason. Here’s the .blend file and an image:

ex3.blend (649.9 KB)

Judge for yourselves:

Could someone please help me figure out why ?
Thanks a lot !

Check all the modifiers you have… if a mod has the eye (use mod in viewport) tick it should also have the camera (use mod for render) ticked.

Do the same for all the materials in the outliner (the top right section)

If you are using a particle system - bake it.

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Thanks ! :wink: I made me remember that I forgot to set the subdivision modifier render’s value to the same as viewport !
Thanks again ! (: