why does the camera coast?

while trying to animate, my camera seems to coast for several frames after the last keyframe is entered. this only happens if the camera is moving (lets say on the y-axis) until frame (as an example) 180. then the camera will coast to a stop until frame 188 (in this example).
is there a way to get this to stop from happening?

I’ve never seen things keep moving after the end of their IPO, but I have seen strange things happen during the animation - see this post, could be relevant

i didn’t realize they were bezier curves.
this solved my problem perfectly.
thank you very much.

Almost everything in Blender is controlled by an IPO of some kind. And the default shape of an IPO-curve is a Bezier, which means that it has smooth arcing connections (not straight lines) between the end-points. This automatically creates the “lead-in/lead-out” effect that is usually desirable, but in the case of camera movements this might not be what you want. You can change the type of any curve, say to Linear, or back again.

this has annoyed me muchly in my earlier anims, because i was starting out and my camera was going all wacky. you just open the ipo and select your curve and tab and then v