Why does this happen? Game engine explosions.

I’m trying to do a domino animation. Yeah, I know, original, but I have a few tweaks that I want to include to make it more interesting. In any case, why the <fill in multiple expletives here> does it all of a sudden decide to go crazy and explode when I hit the “P” key? I haven’t recorded the game engine stuff to IPO yet, I don’t have any doubled objects that I can find, so I don’t know why it decided to blow up like this last time I added a few more dominoes. It seems to happen after I’ve extended the base plane and added some dominoes. Any ideas? I’ve included the blend file.



Domino2009_2.blend (551 KB)

Try separating the first steps out from the main runway.
At the moment it looks like the collision bounds of the runway are causing the dominoes to fly-away.
if you separate the steps from the runway and mesh and make them each there own object with individual collision bounds this will stop the flying away business.

Edit - attached blend back to you to demonstrate what I was talking about. Put in a left mouse trigger to flick the first one just to test and works OK as far as I can see.
Nice domino fall you made :slight_smile:


Domino2009_2back.blend (561 KB)

Thank you! Yup, that did the trick!