Why does this happen in some meshes.

Im making a low-poly model of a time machine and I spotted this happen. Does anyone know how to fix this thank you in advance.

You really need to put this in the right place in this forum and really explain what is wrong. We are not mind readers. Erase this and do it right!

it looks like the effect of some modifier or shape key, but hard to say, it could even be another object behind.
For getting any constructive response append here a file with the object involved.


@bigbad Where would i put a question like this? But anyway I found a solution to this, it had something to do with the layers.

In modeling subforum, maybe.

In the support -> modeling. Also go in detail what is wrong and provide an blend file with scene(the part that is faulty).

Thank you, I dont need help on this now but when i need help on anything else ill go into detail.