Why doesn't Adobe have a 3d program?

I’m wondering why or at the very least why didn’t they buy Blender?

no one can buy blender,
and they know that 3D isnt their thing, they might try to buy maxon tho, but who cares about adobe, it sucks so much.

Interesting question given that Adobe has been dancing around 3D for awhile now. Blender is open source so they can’t really “buy” it. Photoshop has limited 3D capability geared towards static images and 3D printing. The closest thing Adobe has to a true 3D program (with limited modeling and animation ) is Cinema 4D Lite which is part of After Effects. Given Adobe and Maxon’s close historical relationship, if Adobe is going to buy any 3D package it would be C4D.

Why should they? The market for entertainment CG applications isn’t actually that large and it’s already saturated. They did add some half-assed 3D features to photoshop, though. You also get a stripped-down version of Cinema4D with After Effects.

Also, you can’t “buy” Blender, at least not at this point. There used to be a commercial “Blender license” option after the program was relicensed to GPL, but since then all the contributions have been made on GPL terms, making commercial licensing pretty much infeasible.

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Adobe Fuse is the closest adobe is going to get to 3d


Adobes philosophy of professionalism and usability isn’t going to work in the 3d world.
Cinema 4D is as far into the usability spectrum you can go without being as simplistic as one of those level editors in Doom.

I’ve always wondered why Adobe hasn’t bought Maxon (or at least C4D). A few years ago, there was even an April Fool’s report that they had. Then they teamed up with Maxon to add C4D integration to After Effects. Maybe it’s their opportunity to test the water, or maybe they are happy with that relationship and don’t want to take it further.

It just always surprised me, since Autodesk has bought every piece of 3D software they’ve been able to get their hands on.

Expect for Blender.

Like the other people said. Blender literally cannot be bought due to it’s licensing.

Also I’m pretty sure Adobe are happy sitting on their monopoly over the picture/video editing industry. They wouldn’t want to compete in an already saturated market in the 3D industry.

I don’t know about that

Photoshops desaturation filter is pretty good :slight_smile:

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Adobe DID have a 3D program, years ago. Adobe Dimensions.

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You sure that’s not a bootleg.

Leaving aside open source issues, there’s a little more to it than plunking down a stack of cash and saying “Gimme!”. For starters there’s no mandatory requirement to sell.

Macromedia had a 3D program, but Adobe like Autodesk have killed several applications, just as a matter of business, in fact once existed Macromedia Extreme 3D, and the beautiful FreeHand.

However, this topic has already been discussed in the official Adobe forums in 2009. Why doesn’t Adobe have 3d modeling program?

There was also this:

Dear Lord I used “Macromedia Extreme 3D” on MacOS when I was a teenager!

And Adobe Dimensions!

Because of money. Developing a fully-fledged 3D animation package (modelling, animation, dynamics, rendering, etc) from scratch is phenomenally difficult and time-consuming, and takes on the order of a decade regardless of how much resources you throw at it.

Which is why it would make more sense for them to purchase an existing package and continue development under their banner. That’s what The Foundry did with Modo.

I know Adobe’s heart is in photo/video. But video effects are involving 3D more and more these days. That’s why AE has been adding 3D features over the last number of years, and why The Foundry bought Modo.

Again, maybe Adobe’s happy with their current C4D integration for now.

Video boy, just a suggestion, cut out these stupid threads.

It might happen in future but seems pretty unlikely.


No they do

Project Felix

Keyshot with adobe branding.