Why dont modifiers work in the game engine? (array and Curve)


So ive been working on getting some treads (as in tank treads) going for use in the game engine. ive got their functionality(like how their animated) done using modifiers, but what ive set up doesn’t work in the game engine. Is there any way of changing that? Im using an Array and Curve modifier as-well as a Clamp to constraint. ive got it set up that when i grab the treads on the x axis and move them the tank treads move as-well(cuz of what i did in the IPO editor). ive got a copy location constraint set up so that you can drag the cube and observe what im talking about without any trouble

heres a download of the blend

Currently, you can use modifiers to model assets and level geometry for use in the engine and that’s it, the reason you’re not seeing the modifiers getting calculated in real-time is simply because of the BGE not supporting it.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature that has never been implemented.

hmmm, i figured.

Can anyone think of a way i could get the tread animation to work? all i can think of now is somehow turning it into a shape key animation…but that seems somewhat superfluous.

You could try using my Sprites module and Python to replace that mesh in an animation. Each frame the engine would swap out that tread mesh with another frame of it, slightly more forward in its loop, and so on to complete the animation. While it might seem like it would be inefficient, it might not be if you keep the polygon count low. Also, it would only need a few frames (4 or so, which would be 4 hidden meshes) since the tank tread pattern repeats.