I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on why I’ve been using GIMP for such a long time already and haven’t thought of using other alternatives out there.

I am also using Gimp. But some time, when I create Gif Files, the clarify goes.
See both the Images
I create some sequential image from Blender ( see bellow PNG) and when I use Gimp to create Gif the clarity goes?



since you are expert in Gimp, please give some hint so my Gif clarity won’t go.

GIF has a color palette that’s limited to 256 colors. So while it supports animation, your color depth and accuracy will be limited. There’s pretty much nothing you can do about other than try to optimize your palette… but even that has limitations.

You can use this set to tools to make a flash animation from blender images:

you will get better colors, and smaller files. the only problem is that everyone needs flash installed to see it.


I read the whole thing, makes me think about how Blender came to me, and not to mention GIMP as well, since ive recently started using it (I’m no longer at high school so Photoshop isn’t available to me anymore)

You showed a picture of the new GIMP interface, which is not ‘scattered’, ie everything is in the one single window. Ive just downloaded GIMP 2.6 and its not like that, is there an option somewhere i need to toggle to change that? My OS is Windows Vista.

Good work though! When i get my website up ill do a piece on how i got started in Blender Python and GIMP, its good to give some background info.

@oracle: Thanks, but I already got one commercial software to convert Blender PNGs to swf
see this one http://blender3d.patricia.googlepages.com/index.html
But I have download swftools and studying it. It may be better.

I’ve started using Gimp for digital paintings as well…
here is my current work…

Because it is free!

I think someone should tell the gimp developer about the Blender user interface proposal, the non overlapping interface , non modal etc…

I personally hate the windows system and some things are so bad, like when you add a new layer you get that locked layer arggg ! then have you tried using the gradient tool ? to make a new gradient with many colors is so dificult.

They should copy the usability of blender.

@TweakingKnobs: I’m with you.

I look forward to the day when I can have full seamless integration for creative workflow: Blender, GIMP, Inkscape … Audacity…

Shucks, why don’t I get greedy and ask Freemind to work seamlessly with OpenOffice and Planner?

My, my… I do want it all, don’t I? grin

kkrawal: Hi, there! I’m very very sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your post immediately, my whole computer system bugged down on me, and I had to reformat everything (you know the pain of it) and it has already taken too much of my time, I’m glad it’s ok now though. Regarding your question on why the image quality went low, that does happen with the GIF image format, since it only uses a limited number of colors (256 colors) and a standard pallete for that matter, it is not advisable to use a format like that of GIF if you’re aiming for smoother gradients, since gradients are an issue better handled by formats like JPG or PNG (or others I might not probably know of).

If you’re target is to use the animation for inclusion in web, I might suggest you use the swf file format and tweak some of the settings to at least closely resemble your original image quality. But I believe, GIF images are far more bandwidth-friendly than others. You’ve got to weigh those options if you’re using GIF though. It might work well for simple colored buttons, static images, etc.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


TweakingKnobs, WayStar: Hahaha! I’m with you on that. Though as much as we would want to, I believe the GIMP developers are working their ass out (by that I mean really really hardwork going on there), and we might not know, these things we ask for might be payed off by far more greater things.

All we could probably do right now is find a workaround for things we could probably might have done with other tools out there. :slight_smile:


nirmaldavid: Oh, wow! You did a fantastic job with that! The eyes are sooo real and expressive, seldom do I see artworks with eyes as deep as this. Though I might complain, the foreground and background needs a little rework. But the middleground rocks! Awesome work! :slight_smile:


Maaann…I got exactly the same reply in every forum I have posted :o.
Guess im going to have to do something about it eh??
Thanks …
anyways sorry for hijacking the thread a lil bit…:stuck_out_tongue:
so…back to he discussion we go…

I know Gimp is a good alternative to Photoshop. Is there a good alternative to Image ready that’s open source?

mektawik: What features of Image Ready are you after? So I’d know which apps I can recommend. If you’re after frame by frame animation, you can check out GAP (GIMP Animation Plugin).

See it here > http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/Using_GAP/

Having all the dialogs/toolboxes in one window is currently fully compatible with Windows. Currently, I only have one Gimp window tab thingy on the taskbar, but when it only minimizes the main image window, and the other dialogs I have stay open. So it’s kinda working, mostly not. Though it’s easy to emulate a single window for Gimp by just putting what dialogs you want on the side, and having your image window in the middle like that picture showed.

Thnks. for guidance.

I’m looking for an open source or free program that can optimize images for the web.

I sometimes use Gimp’s Save for Web plug-in