Why GLSL don't works in my pc?

I need to use normal maps through GLSL shaders, but it not works in my pc. I already tried Doom III and some Ogre demos and the normal map works perfectly.

My pc configuration:

AMD Athlon 64 1.8MHZ +2800
RAM with 512MB
ATI Randeon 9250 with 128MB

Ca doit venir de ta carte graphique qui ne support pas les vertex shaders…
Je ne sais pas comment les normals maps sont implementees ac Ogre ou dans Doom 3…

Verifie la compatibilite de ta carte

It supports:


As Remi said: Your website says that your card only supports Dx 8.1 shader meaning shader model 1.1. You want a card which supports at least shader model 2.0. Get a 9500 or up or a FX5 or up. No other way.

Bom dia.