Why i cannot bake this material

I want to bake this into uv map but all the time baking reaches 6 percent and stops and then that message pops up that you can see on the screenshot

you can see all settings then i am using, they may be wrong of course because i never baked before but i know that i have to select material and object and press bake button and it should work but it doesnt

I think you need to select the image texture node so it’s orange in the node editor.

i did select the image though its not selected on the screenshot

Is the object unwrapped? And select the node and then bake.

will send you the file soon

yes its unwrapped

Sorry that file will be very large because it was previously very complicated large scene with a lot of environments and thousands of those animated insects set as a particles and it was all animated. I deleted it all but some relationships are always left.

The computer I am on right now has like no space, 1 GB too much. Append the object into a new file.

Wait, it worked in another file. I copied everything and tried to bake in the new blend file and it worked!

Crises averted. :wink: