why I can't autorun scripts?

Hello colegues,

I come with this doubt. Since the eleven rig was out for blender, I realized that its rig script autoruns for that file. Curiously it turns ouyt that no script autoruns when I write/copy them from scratch. But this one does autoorun in my PC.

http://www.blendernation.com/2012/06/ … en-rig-ported-to-blender/

Someone has any idea what is going on? And what I can do to make this work?

I have already activated from user preferences>file>Auto run python scripts. Since I installed blender 2.63a and never have seen before that it autoruns anything until now.


Turn on the auto-run thing in preferences && click the ‘register’ button in the text editor for the scripts you want to auto-run.

Thanks, but both are already activated, and… nothing :mad:.

Curiously, when I import the rig script from the eleven rig it does work. I have compared and I don’t get what makees it work in one but not the other. Obviously they have minor differences between the,m but nothing that big that doesn let it work the autorun option.

here is the script modified for my character. You’ll notice is pretty much the same as the eleven rig.

Have you named the text document that the script resides within with a .py file extension? I know that may seem odd, but your script will not Register unless it has a .py file extension as its document name. For instance a new text block makes a document called Text. Text will never register because it has no .py file extension. Rename your script with a .py file extension. Text.py.

I didn know about that, but actually it has the extension already. I tried it ass internatl with the extension and also as external, nothing works.

The script I have is based upon the script of frankie. The one used for bick buck bunny but with the rig modified for blender 2.57. That one doesn’t auto run either. Here the download link.


Perhaps, just write


instead of

if __name__ == "__main__":

thanks that little change was it.