Why I can't see hair in exported glTF file?

I created hair - Particle Settings and I would like to see them in exported glTF file or obj file. I tried to made Mesh from this hair, but it seems that doesn’t help. Still I can’t see the hair in exported file. Could please someone help me? I would be really very thankful.

Hello! You may need to convert your particle to mesh stripes before exporting them. I guess blender gltf exporter doesn’t do this by itself so the hair is ignored when exporting, but haven’t tested it myself.

Thank you very much for the answer.
Could you please sent me some example how to convert particle to mesh stripes? Cause I unfortunately didn’t find any solution. Or do you mean, that I have to remodel the hair?
I just find, that is possible convert mesh to curve.

You can find how here, courtesy of luwizart