Why I stopped using blender: FFXII

Final Fantasy XII.

it is the best game I’ve played since final fantasy tactics, or maybe zelda ocarina of time. pathetic, huh? I also have a new new job being a tape monkey (or tape susanne to the initiated) at this place: www.charlex.com . it’s right above vault manager in terms of coolness but seriously, some of their shit is amazing. and the job is 9:00 to 7:30. ouch. leaves not much time for blender. the old place wasn’t cutting it either, it was the worst run business I have ever encountered in my life, I saw our idiot manager lose three clients because he was rude arrogent and just plain stupid with them on the phone…
seriously, I could say some of the crazy shit about that place but I don’t want to burn any bridges.


I wish I had a PS2 and not an XBox.

the day you lose the faith in sony (the day you get an xbox) … psone, ps2; i have faith brother, ps3 will shine. If final fantasy stops coming out for the playstation i’ll have to get something else but till then.

Word man, I love FFXII. My guys are only like lvl 20 or so right now, but it’s gotten started up and it’s getting really fun.

That and Neverwinter Nights 2 are dominating my free time right now…

how was that linux version of neverwinter nights 2… did it happen or not… ?
i loved the first one and was really looking forward to the second but i heard it might be win only :frowning:


The 2nd one is buggy as all hell on Windows so I don’t see a Linux version anytime soon until they can get the Windows one off the ground.

Think Oblivion times Morrowind in terms in bugginess

changed the title. please use more descriptive titles, then people can choose whether to read the post or not.

I’m sorry, I had no idea I was taking away people’s free will…

::::rolls eyes:::::

So here I was, on the front page of the forum, and I see “why I stopped using blen…”

Oh dear, another ranting post.

Then I clicked on it and laughed.

You’re lucky.
I can’t get FFXII until February…

Which means they have all of the bugs we won’t have :wink:
Plus, by the time it has reached Europe (after passing through Japan and the US) they may have added some content (you know, minor thingies… like “Ribbon” for instance).

Do you mean to say that US and japanese players can’t protect from all status effects at once?!

Yeah, I’ll be getting that game soon with a new video card.
Neverwinter Nights is probably my biggest time consuming game. I have been playing it over the last four years and I still play it. Maybe we’ll cross online on one of the many PWs that will popup :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m actually helping around on one of those PW projects :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’ve never played Final Fantasy, I know I’m probably missing something but I don’t have a console nor does getting one thrill me. I dunno, consoles just ain’t my thing

Get used to some godawful AI in NWN2 and some bad interface changes imo, but it’s a really good game. You can control a party of people now, and that boosts the fun by a lot.

after playing oblivion nwn just doesn’t do it for me anymore, plus the bugs you mentioned turned me off… I’ve also been playing microsoft flight sim X (with real-time internet connected weather) - it’s pretty sick…

Knowing that NWN2 has a very large modding community, I’ve already found quite a few interface changing updates. I’m sure the AI will be upgraded by fans. I’ll be giving a try at modding once the info on how to do it comes out. Made a few objects for NWN a while ago. I also managed to import NWN models into blender :smiley:

Yes that game is crack, I’ve put 60hrs into since it came out. It has stopped me from blending, maybe thats a good thing. Let the creative juices recharge. :slight_smile: